We hope you are all keeping well and safe in these changing and still uncertain times. The Parish Council has continued to be a busy place as we respond to developing circumstances and help to prepare for the ‘new normal’ while still maintaining our usual services and completing our annual accounts.

Some of our plans and projects have been hampered by the current situation but we hope we will be able to progress these now that things are starting to move again. This includes fixing the toilets at Droskyn so that they can be opened safely as soon as possible.

Library to Reopen
We have been working with our partner, Cornwall Council to prepare for the reopening of the library in July. At first, we will only be able to issue books which have already been reserved on a ‘click-and-collect’ basis and will need to do this in the entrance so the computers and photocopier cannot be used by the public. In September you will be able to actually come into the library to browse at safe distances. We’ll publish more details closer to the time to explain in detail how it will work and how we can help you if you don’t have the facility to reserve books from home.

Shops to Reopen
The shopping area is likely to become busier from 15 June which is great for our local traders. Cornwall Council has been working with all parish and town councils over the last couple of weeks to help us to make sure we keep our residents and visitors safe.

We have decided that the best approach for Perranporth at this time is to widen some of the pavements in St Piran’s Road to ensure that people can pass each other safely and queue outside shops. To achieve this we have agreed to prevent vehicles from using the parking bays. Cones will be placed along the street to create walkways.

It will look a bit strange and some people might not like the new arrangements or find it inconvenient, but we have had to take tough decisions to look after everyone in our community. We urge you all to respect the new layout and to work with us for the greater good, and would also remind you that the CCTV system covers the whole street and forms part of our safeguarding plans.

The Council has agreed to defer the collection of rents from its tenants for a further 3 month period to provide support to local businesses at this very difficult time. This will be reviewed again in September.

Community Support
The Isolation Support Group has been increasingly busy in the last few weeks providing support for people who are struggling due to the impact of the virus. The group is keen to encourage anyone to come forward if they are in need. Please contact: www.perransupport.com or tel: 07930 184898

Stay safe and stay alert!