There was an impressive turnout on Monday 3 June for the local Annual Parish Meeting with 40 residents showing up at the parish council offices to mingle and enjoy refreshments before listening to a report from the newly appointed Tri Service Safety Officer who answered questions and concerns on many policing matters.

Several parishioners also suggested sites at Droskyn for remembering loved ones and had imaginative proposals for unique designs which would create special memorial features and enhance this community area.

Steve Arthur, Chairman of the Parish Council explained that the past year had seen many changes with 3 newly elected councillors and a new Clerk to help drive forward the projects already in the pipeline including the long awaited skate park, new recreational and play equipment in Bolenna Park and the construction of a new building at 8 Boscawen Road to house the Parish Council along with the library which had just been devolved from Cornwall Council to the Parish Council to operate.

Steve stressed that the Parish Council was determined to engage better with the community and communicate more effectively with local residents. This meeting was a sign of things to come and showed that there was a willingness on all sides for the village and council to work well together for the benefit of the whole community.