Japanese Knotweed is being treated in Goonhavern Park. Our contractor is spraying as this is the recommended most effective treatment. We’ve installed fencing to keep visitors away from the sprayed area and prevent spread of the Knotweed by footfall to the rest of the park.

Signs are in place: ‘Keep Out Japanese Knotweed Spraying in Progress.’ However, several acts of vandalism have resulted in severe damage to the fencing. Anyone walking in this area could spread Knotweed to other parts of the park. If this continues, we will have to close the park.

There have also been recent incidents of criminal damage to trees and the temporary portaloo was tipped on its side.

The vandalism, theft and criminal damage have been reported to the police. If you witness criminal behaviour, please report it directly to the police by calling 101 or visiting Report a crime | Devon & Cornwall Police (devon-cornwall.police.uk) and completing the online crime report. The council will be installing CCTV cameras as soon as possible.