Hello to all residents in Perranzabuloe, whether you be out on the front line saving lives, making sure we all have access to food and medicines, collecting our rubbish and other key services or if you are working from home or furloughed. Everyone is doing their bit by keeping their distance while maintaining a really strong community spirit.

The Parish Council is here to assist during this time wherever we can so please do get in touch if there’s anything you think we can help you with.

Councillors and staff are coping well with the ‘business unusual’ situation and managing to be quite productive behind the scenes. We are maintaining essential services including grass cutting so that the parks are ready for you to enjoy your daily outdoor exercise. We are also keeping up with our statutory obligations such as the completion of the Year End Accounts which will be happening this month and submitted to the Auditor.

During April we made a clear decision to support our local businesses by deferring the collection of rents from all tenants for 3 months. We hope this has helped to take the pressure off the local economy a little bit.

CCTV has now been installed in Perranporth to help prevent crime and disorderly behaviour and to assist the police. This is monitored by Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service. We hope that this will reassure you that you are living in a safer community.

Some projects are now on hold while others are making progress such as the application for a skate park at Ponsmere Valley which is working through the planning process.

VE Day celebrations for 8tMay have of course had to be changed. We may be able to celebrate instead on VJ Day in August depending on when we exit from the lockdown. In the meantime there will be some festive bunting in some of the shops and businesses to cheer us all up over the bank holiday weekend.

The Parish Council applauds the work of the Isolation Support Group which has been extremely busy during the month providing support for people who are unable to get out and about as they normally would do to collect medicines or food. If you need some help, the group encourages you not to be shy but to come forward. They are keen to help out: www.perransupport.com or tel: 07930 184898

If you need support with other matters relating to health and wellbeing or mental health, our Community Navigator will be able to point you in the right direction. Please contact the Parish Council for details.

We are all home working but still contactable using the normal phone – 01872 572727 and email address – clerk@perranzabuloe-pc.gov.uk. We are now able to have online meetings and are evaluating Zoom and other products to find the best way to hold a full meeting which reflects as closely as possible a physical meeting.

Well done to everyone who is listening to the government advice and doing the right thing.

Please carry on staying at home to protect the NHS and save lives.