Newly elected Chairman signing his Declaration of Acceptance in the presence of the Clerk

At their Annual Meeting on Monday parish councillors chose who would stand at the helm for the year ahead. All councillors give their time to represent the parish but these roles carry additional levels of responsibility and require a greater commitment of time.

Several members threw their hats in the ring before the voting took place. The Clerk announced the victorious duo: Steven Arthur who was elected to be Chair and Frances White who has now become Vice Chair.

Steve has been acting as Chair for the last few months since the resignation of Mike Callan and has helped steer the ship through waters which have been choppy at times. Steve commented, “I have enjoyed the challenge so far and I’m really pleased to have the opportunity to work on all the exciting community projects we have in the pipeline. I will be doing my best to make sure these all come to fruition as quickly as possible.”

Frances was delighted to win the approval of colleagues. She has been Chair of the Council in the past and brings years of experience and knowledge of local issues. Frances has been a key link with community groups working on both heritage and health projects as well as supporting beach activities and the planning committee.