Perranzabuloe Action for Climate Emergency (PACE) is a group set up in 2020 which is working to develop a climate action plan to underpin the activities that we undertake as a Parish to achieve carbon neutrality.

There are many different opportunities for reducing our carbon footprint and our plan will focus on the following topics:

  • Community leadership and participation
  • Reducing consumption and waste
  • Reducing energy use and producing green energy
  • Transforming green spaces, enhancing wild places and restoring nature
  • Darkening the night sky
  • Changing how we move around
  • Producing and eating local food
  • Supporting local businesses and organisations
  • Building awareness among visitors
  • Building community resilience


This plan is being developed by the PACE working group which comprised the following volunteers and Councillors:

  • Tony Andrews (Volunteer)
  • Eamonn Burns (Volunteer)
  • Pip Bryson (Volunteer)
  • Amanda Lash (Parish Clerk)
  • Faye Clifton (Volunteer)
  • Jo Pentecost (Councillor)
  • Damion Silvey (Councillor)
  • Pete Whitbread-Abrutat (Volunteer)
  • Ken Yeo (Councillor)

Whilst working on this plan, PACE and the Parish Council is already working on the following initiatives:

Community leadership and participation

The PACE working group comprises members of the community working alongside Parish Councillors.

The children of Perranporth School have been busy drawing pictures related to our environment. These pictures will help us to raise  awareness about the work of PACE, as well as some of the everyday actions that we can all take as individuals to reduce our carbon footprint and look after our environment.

Transforming green spaces, enhancing wild places and restoring nature

  • Ten trees have been planted in Bolenna Park and Goonhavern Park
  • Hydrangeas have been planted in verges in Goonhavern and Perranporth
  • Wild flowers are being sown in a number of verges throughout Perranporth in order to create a pollinator highway

Changing how we move around

A working group has been set up to install electric vehicle charging points in our Parish. We are initially planning to install a small number of chargers this year, with further initiatives planned once the first chargers are installed. For more information contact

Get involved

PACE is a group comprising members of the public and Perranzabuloe Parish Councillors. If you would like to get involved with PACE or our working groups, or if you have a great idea we would love to hear from you. Please contact