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Council Project – Boscawen Road

Perranzabuloe Parish Council announced in August 2018 that it had acquired for the community the former Lloyds Bank premises at 8 Boscawen Road, Perranporth. This landmark site has served the local community since it was first opened as a bank in 1917, and occupies a central and accessible location in the heart of Perranporth village.

Following the closure of the bank in 2017, the Parish Council worked hard to acquire the freehold, with the intention that the site may continue to be put to use as an asset for the benefit and amenity of the local population. With the purchase of the site complete, attention turned to how this site could be an integral part of the Parish Council’s strategy to safeguard and improve the provision of important public services within the parish, many of which are under threat or being cut by central government and the local unitary authority, Cornwall Council. The intention was also to fit into wider schemes to improve the recreation and community facilities within the parish.
A working party was formed by the Parish Council’s Property Group, with its remit to assess the condition of the existing property and to explore the site’s suitability for various purposes, including (but not limited to):

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  • Relocated offices for the Parish Council in the centre of Perranporth village
  • A new location for Perranporth Library (that the Parish Council is due to take over from Cornwall Council in April 2019)
  • A community space for the use of local groups
  • A drop-in centre hosting sessions by Citizen’s Advice Bureau, Samaritans, Cornwall
  • Council or other government or non-government organisations
  • Public toilets with disabled access
  • Affordable housing

Given the suitability of the 8 Boscawen Road site for use as council offices, and a desire to make the Parish Council’s operations more visible and accessible to the community, the Property Group also considered the potential for repurposing the current Parish Rooms at Chyanhale, Ponsmere Valley. This site would become vacant should 8 Boscawen Road be designated as the new Parish Council headquarters. Possible uses for Chyanhale could include:

  • A youth and/or community centre
  • A small sports hall or a floodlit, all-weather games facility
  • Business and/or retail units

With proposals also coming forward to relocate the skate park scheme to Ponsmere Valley, the potential to create a hub in this area of the village for youth and / or sports recreation facilities presents a compelling and unique opportunity to transform the provision for young people and other community groups.

With this in mind, the working party has looked at how the site at 8 Boscawen Road could best accommodate relocated Parish Council offices, and what other community uses could be well served by their adjoinment to the council’s operations.

More details can be reviewed by downloading and viewing this Boscawen Road Report pdf

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