Car Parks

The council is responsible for several car parks, the operation of which has been outsourced to various companies. You can find out more about parking permits here and general parking arrangements around the town here.

Street cleaning and waste bin emptying.

The council is responsible for keeping the streets in the parish clean, emptying waste bins for both humans and dogs.

Perranporth Inner Green

Find out more about use of the Inner Green and how to book for your event or gathering.

Open space grass cutting including parks

The Council takes care of footpath strimming and cutting & also the work associated with open space grass cutting – including Parks.

Bolenna & Ponsmere Valley Parks

The council is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of both these parks.

Perranporth Beach and Sand Dunes

The council is responsible for the first part of Perranporth beach and the sand dunes.

Seating and memorial benches

The Council helps maintain seating & memorials benches around the Parish. You can read more about memorial benches here.

Droskyn and the Sundial

The council is responsible for the commissioning & upkeep of the Perranzabuloe Millennium Sundial. Installed in 2000 and designed by local artist Stuart Thorn it can be found at the Droskyn end of Perranporth.

Perran Round & The Oratory Monumental Sites

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