Dog Control

The Dogs on Leads Order - Perranporth Beach

Details of where and when you can walk your dog – and requirements regrding leads and control.

A Dog Friendly Parish

Perranzabuloe Parish Council has promoted our parish as Dog Friendly with a very reasonable Dog Control Order on Perranporth Beach  and few restrictions elsewhere in the parish. Children’s Play Areas, Sports Fields, Pitches, and Courts are all designated ‘No Dogs Allowed’, but dogs are welcome around the perimeters of most of these grounds.

Most dog owners clean up after their dog; they bag it and drop it in a local dog bin, use a general waste bin, or take it home and dispose of it there. Unfortunately, there has been a tendency for some irresponsible owners either not to pick up after their dogs, or to bag it and leave the bag on the ground, hanging on a fence, bush and even in trees.

The Parish Council, as well as sub-contracting the Cornwall Council Dog Warden for brief periods, has also employed officers to patrol the beach, dunes, footpaths and parks advising and educating dog owners of their responsibilities to keep their dogs under control and to clean up after them. Dog Wardens are able to issue fines for not picking up and littering where advice is blatantly ignored.

The Parish Council and local volunteers have also put up various signs to persuade those irresponsible dog owners to dispose of their dog mess in an appropriate bin or take it home. This includes ‘road stencils’ on paths, tarmac, concrete, and other areas where fouling continues to take place.

The Parish Council has also purchased a specific stencil for use by volunteers which can be applied on grass. This has been used by both the Rugby Club and Football Club for the perimeter of their pitches. Similarly, St Piran’s Trust has used the stencil in areas around the Oratory and St Piran’s Round. Individuals can also book this stencil for use on their private land, and all interested parties are asked for a donation towards a replacement once this stencil becomes unusable (it is built to last for 100+ impressions).

Most stencilled signs will be used with ‘temporary’ paint, which fades away over a short period, approx. 6-12 weeks. Areas of grass will have ‘permanent’ paint applied which is either mown away, or fades over a period of approximately 12 months.

Where a ‘temporary’ stencilled sign has not reduced the incidence of ‘not picking up’, it is likely that ‘permanent’ paint will be used in the future.

Further, the Parish Council with significant support from the Gardens Charities, has installed CCTV cameras overlooking the Inner Green and the adjacent pathway to the beach. This will be used as a deterrent, to discourage anti-social behaviour, and can be used as evidence if required. Though recordings will be over-written after a short period, it will allow council officers and the police to review incidents and hopefully identify perpetrators.

If you see an owner who misses picking up after their dog, or purposely ignores the mess, you should report this to the council on 01872 572727, advising time and day, name if you know it and location details.

In addition if you find dog mess on the Inner Green or pathway, you can report this to the council on 01872 572727. Again, the council needs details of the location to start searching for the owner.

The council will then follow them up with advice, or a fine.

For example, for someone with mobility issues, a first and final warning may be given and a long handled pet poo picker may be recommended.

Reports to the council can be anonymous if you wish.

For further information about the ‘dog fouling’ stencils, or the CCTV installation, please contact the Parish Clerk, on 01872 572727, or via email