All visitors – please stay away from Cornwall for now.

You may not have seen the clear advice from Cornwall Council and Visit Cornwall which strongly urges people not to visit the county at the moment.

We love to see visitors under normal circumstances but during the Coronavirus Crisis we cannot handle ANY FURTHER IMPACT on our NHS resources and supermarkets. We can just about manage to provide services for our local residents but ANYONE else coming to Cornwall unnecessarily will potentially put a strain on us and this will without any doubt lead to more people dying from this disease.

Our camp sites and holiday parks have already closed voluntarily. And of course all the usual pubs and restaurants are closed. We are asking EVERYONE to do the right thing and think about EVERYONE’S HEALTH at this time.

Even those who have second homes here should not come here to self-isolate.

The Leader of Cornwall Council has stated that “travelling to a second home CANNOT be considered essential travel

A proportion of people arriving without symptoms will without doubt become poorly within a few days and then they will a) be infecting the local population and b) need medical support from our NHS teams which are already overstretched. We are already experiencing increasing numbers of deaths here every day.

Please don’t add to the problem. Help us to protect our residents.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cornwall with open arms in the future!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.