On Saturday an 8 metre long whale was found washed up on Perranporth Beach between Flat Rocks and Perran Sands at High Cliffs. The RNLI alerted the Parish Council who went to check it out with them.

It had come in on a high tide the previous night and become wedged behind rocks. The subsequent high tide would be lower and it wouldn’t therefore be washed out to sea again. It was already decomposing and there was concern for public health as diseases and bacteria can spread to humans.

Phil, the Tri Service Safety Officer arrived quickly with police tape and cordoned off the area to protect the public. Cornwall Wildlife Trust volunteers were on hand to offer advice and we requested expert support from British Divers Marine Life Rescue who attended to assess and take samples. It was hard to identify but was probably a Minke Whale. We informed the Watering Hole who confirmed it was too large for them to handle. Local company RJ Trevail joined us with 4 guys and between us we hatched a plan based on next tide times, conditions and public safety concerns.

The whale was removed overnight at low tide and taken to a specialist incinerator dealing with animal remains for disposal. Thank you so much to the many people and organisations who rallied to provide help, support and advice. This was really speedy multi-agency work which shows how a team can come together effectively in a community to protect residents and visitors. And particular thanks to the RNLI for being by our side all day, running us all up and down the beach and for the many cups of welcome tea!