Following notification from Cornwall Council in September 2023, and a subsequent meeting in December 2023 (minute number 251/23/FC), Cornwall Council will be responsible for emptying a number of bins, and street cleaning in the Parish from 1 April 2024. These bins were part of the 1997 Cleansing Agreement which has now come to an end. PPC resolved on this course of action considering cost-effectiveness and business continuity. Cornwall Council were reducing their financial contribution to the Parish Council for refuse and cleaning by over £20k, which was a factor in PPC’s decision as outlined in a previous post. The previous arrangement was therefore not financially viable.
It specifically relates to the bins that were covered by the Cleansing Agreement and doesn’t include the Parish Council owned bins, of which there are still a considerable number. The decision was made to ensure the retention of our Parish Ranger.
As you are aware, PPC has been facing difficulties due to the absence of our Parish Ranger, which has reinforced our decision to hand back a number of the bins in the Parish.
In response to issues with overflowing dog bins, PPC is looking at removing a number of dog bins, and instead ensuring there is a larger bin nearby, encouraging people to put waste in the larger black bins, to avoid overflowing. This is in line with Cornwall Council who have phased out dog bins due to the lack of capacity. Please walk to the next available bin to help keep our Parish clean.  Any issues with refuse collection of Cornwall Council bins (which will have a bar code on them), please report online:
Additionally, TMS have been contracted, temporarily, to handle the task of emptying bins while the absence of the Parish Ranger continues, the duration of which remains uncertain.