Droskyn Car Park, Goonhavern park, Tywarnhale Square, Perranporth Beach, Bolenna Park

Notice is hereby given  that Perranzabuloe Parish Council proposes to make a new Order pursuant to the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984 and all other enabling powers to be known as the Perranzabuloe Parish Council (Off Street Parking Places) Order 2024.

The proposed Order will revoke and replace the Perranzabuloe Parish (Off Street Parking Places) Order 2021, whilst making the following amendments. Addition of car park to schedule.  Change to charges at Droskyn Car Park.

Bolenna Car Park
Maximum stay 3 hours – No return within 2 hours.  No charge.

Droskyn Car Park
1hr –  £2
2hrs – £4
Maximum Charge – £8
Weekly –  £42
1700 – 1000 – Annual Permit – £25
24hrs Annual Permit – £350

This Notice is intended to provide an indication of the Order’s provisions.  A copy of the draft Order may be viewed here and the Bolenna Car Park map here, Schedule 1 here, Schedule 2 here or by application to the Parish Clerk: clerk@perranzabuloe-pc.gov.uk

Representations (objection or support) to the proposed Order must be in writing and received by 29 February 2024 to: The Parish Clerk, Chyanhale, Ponsmere Valley, TR6 0DB.

Amanda Lash
Clerk & RFO, Perranzabuloe Parish Council

Dated: 15 January 2024