You can help to collect coastal data for Perranporth Beach. Plymouth Coastal Observatory alongside the Environment Agency and Cornwall Council and other local authorities are rolling out CoastSnap sites for key beaches in the Southwest of England.

The CoastSnap Southwest project aims to encourage visiting or local beach goers to become community scientists through simply taking a picture using one of our fixed point photography camera cradles. A catalogue of beach images can help us better understand the dynamic nature of our coastline and with enough photos taken across varying tidal stages, we can link beach erosion/accretion events to weather conditions, seasonal fluctuations and storm events.

A camera cradle has just been installed at Droskyn. If you would like to get involved, the next time you are visiting the photo points, be sure to look out for our camera mount and sign. By placing your smartphone in the camera mount, taking a photo and sharing it with us via our website or email you can help document a valuable insight to a changing coastal environment.

For more information, please visit the website:

Plymouth Coastal Observatory (PCO) are one of six programmes covering the entire coast of England. PCO are responsible for the collection, collation and provision of coastal monitoring data including beach topographic RTK-GPS surveys, Aerial Imagery, LiDAR, Bathymetry, Habitat Mapping and Hydrodynamic data (wave buoy and tide gauge network) for the southwest of England (Portland Bill to the Severn Estuary). All the collected data is freely available for anyone to use at the central website (